Welcome to Cosmic Muffin MUX!









Welcome to Cosmic Muffin MUX!!

We hope you'll enjoy looking around and maybe even join us online!  Below is a section listing describing what each section of our homepage covers.  If you have any questions, simply click the Email link to the left, and you can send us an email with your concerns.

Current uptime is as often as possible/no scheduled downtime.

Main - brings you back here!

Cast - all about the population of Cosmic Muffin!

Theme - our theme or, in other words, what the MUX is about!  This also includes information on the different genres that can be played at Cosmic Muffin.

News - here you'll find news about the MUX and also information files about various subjects relating to the MUX and its players.

Rules - the rules at CM.

Email - click it to send us an email!

Join - information here about joining the MUX and requesting a character!

Links - helpful links that may assist you in roleplay!


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