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google - probably the best search engine around, this is an invaluable tool to assist you on your quest for information.

The Unofficial DC Universe Big Events Web Site - a long title, but probably the best site out there for events in the DC Universe, including pre-Crisis timeline.  For those interested in joining the Legion on Cosmic Muffin, please take the time to download and explore the Legion Help-File, an extremely well-written and comprehensive resource regarding both pre- and post-Zero Hour Legion.

DC Super-Stars - an amusing page dedicated to some of the less well-recognized characters and teams from the Golden Age of comics.  Links page is also very good.

Forgotten Time - our sister MUX, run by one of our staffers, Deadpool!

WPage/Infinite Atlas - an atlas of the infinite alternate universes of the DC pre-Crisis universe.


If you have any others, please let us know.  We're always looking to add more informational resources to our links page!!


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