Welcome to Cosmic Muffin MUX!










It couldn't be easier to join!

All you have to do is send in your application by clicking on the link below, cutting and pasting, and you will be sent the MUX's address.

Click here for the application!

If all goes well, it should take very little time...perhaps a day or two, maximum...to get your character.  You will receive a response as soon as possible with your connection information.

Note that with restricted or highly-powered characters, an interview may be necessary.  It also may be chosen at the discretion of the staff.  Also, if you would like to help contribute to the MUX itself, feel free to mention it in your application.  We could certainly use the help!

Click here to connect!

Try us out!  Just connect as a guest and enjoy your stay.

Point your client to:

cosmicmuffin.servegame.com port 2860
or port 2860

and enjoy! :)



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