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Here is the population of our great MUX!  Here you can find profiles on player characters, including all their attributes and the like, for your convenience.


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Character Profiles

Collected here are the character-related parts of the applications for ease in RP.  These are not to be used ICly unless the character would logically know them.

Storm Lad - a relatively recent addition to the Legion, Myke has taken Storm Lad as his codename and controls weather patterns around him.

Fate - the physical manifestation of the Mask of Fate's consciousness, Fate or Kyn often drifts between time periods to confront the conflicting forces of Chaos and Order he finds there.  He also disguises his true identity under the equally mysterious moniker Enigma Lad in the Legion.

Chemical King - able to adjust chemical reactions, Condo Arlik is a member of the Legion in the far future.  He is self-doubting and unsure of his powers, but he will give his all if he can, to help others.

Superboy I - the original Boy of Steel, somewhat displaced in time; he works solely in the Future Zone with the Legion to protect the future because there he feels like he can fit in with other people who also have powers.

Superboy II - a clone of Superman, Superboy has made a name of his own in Hyper Metro City in the absence of his older "brother".  Often linked with Robin, publicly teaming up with the Boy Wonder to fight crime, he is also a member of the JLA in his own right.  He's also known as Kon-El, a Kryptonian name which signifies his relation to Superman.

Robin - Tim Drake, the Boy Wonder Robin, has teamed up with Kon to fight crime in Hyper Metro City.  A JLA reserve member, he has admirably kept things under control in the absence of his former mentor, Batman.

Spot - having fled from persecution in his own world, Spot found himself and his skills exploited in this new world.  After being extracted from a tight spot, he's once more released upon the world to continue his never-ending quest for his true passion:  Twinkies.

Ginger - a prolific performer and artist of many media, Ginger has become friends with several of the more notable denizens of Hyper Metro City and, despite her lack of real powers (other than an interest in Zatanna's mystical powers), often finds herself right in the middle of the action.

Supergirl - the original Maid of Might, Kara Zor-El came to Earth a refugee from a dying world much like her cousin, Superman.  One of the most active members of the Justice League, she also travels between time zones to take part in the Legion of Super-Heroes and their various problems with several different and powerful foes.

Wonder Woman - currently leading the JLA, Wonder Woman brings veteran sensibilities into the group due to her vast seniority.  Having been an ambassador and heroine for some years now, her experience is invaluable to many situations where her knowledge can save the day.  Also spouter of such immortal phrases such as "Great Hera!" and "Suffering Sappho!"

Derek - adorable lycanthrope and time zone hopper who fights a constant battle against the forces of darkness encroaching upon his territory.  He refuses to let this world succumb to his foe as his own world of origin seems to have done.  Although he is extremely cute, he's also very capable and ferocious.  Grr.

Astroboy - also known as Toby, Astroboy constantly flees a military that tries to destroy him because of his humanity.  Having made friends with Derek and Ginger as well as some others, he tries to hide his true identity and at the same time continue to fight for what he believes in.

Ra's al Ghul - the self-styled Demon, self-appointed champion of the planet and devious schemer, his machinations have brought him up against the Batman numerous times.  One can be certain that, at any given time, he will have his hands into something shady going on.

Talia - Ra's daughter, Talia is a force of her own.  Fiercely loyal to her father, she nonetheless has been known to defy him on numerous occasions to further her own desires.  A femme fatale if there ever was one, she seems to choose no side reliably other than her own.

Tekkarn - member of an effectively neutral Jedi order, the Phoenixium or "Reform Jedi", Tekkarn strives to maintain balance in the Force rather than use methods from either side, which he views as extreme.  As such he is a somewhat unpredictable foe or ally.  He has from time to time treated the Legion to his counsel, but mostly he works alone.

Jolan - strange and mysterious senator, Jolan secretly works for his own dark gains for an unknown group or force.  Although he has never directly fought against the Legion, it seems only a matter of time before their contradictory aims clash.

Galowyn - Elvish student at the Cindersweep Academy, recently arrived and still learning about the way things are outside of his forest.

Kaeytlin - another recent Elvish arrival, from another time and place, she strives to put things right in her own way.  An expert in magic and proficient in bow and quarterstaff, she is a force to be reckoned with and a powerful ally.

Madame Xanadu - an unknown quantity, this Gypsy fortuneteller seems to know and see all with her Tarot deck and crystal ball.  Still, she rarely takes direct action and seems to prefer guiding people gently from the sidelines.  Her identity is known to none.

Mr. Freeze - Victor Fries's tragic story knows no bounds, nor does his love for his frozen love Nora.  It is both of these things that compel him to constantly fight for her return and his own gains...and those that stand in his way must beware.

Gatal - Thanagarian artist, he has made something of a name for himself in the worldly Hyper Metro City.  Although non-combative, he is an expert at winged navigation...in other words, he likes to fly high on his wings!

Jeffie - Gatal's adopted ward, with a great affinity for animals and other living things.  A good friend to Derek and company.

Ian - another of the boys' retinue, Ian is a proficient magic-user and also a gothic marvel at the same time.  Tending to the dramatic, he is nonetheless powerful as well.

Mitchell - horribly unhygienic and chauvenistic detective who apparently works with Hyper Metro City's authorities.  Although nobody remembers hiring him or why they would ever do such a thing, nobody dares suggest firing him.  Of course, they don't pay him either.  He must be getting it from somewhere else.

Kojiro - Pokemon trainer and would-be supervillain, Kojiro is instead more of an anti-hero really.  He tries to be the best he can be...but it's just that everyone else gets in the way.

Crowbar - A mostly unknown but quite successful thief. Unknown being good, since most of those who are known are the ones in prison.

More coming soon!  If you'd like your character added, page Hushicho on the MUX with all the relevant info!




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