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The premise at Cosmic Muffin is pretty simple...if a little bit weird.

You see, Ambush Bug saved the universe.  Yep.  It's pretty simple, really.  Remember all that Crisis stuff in the mid-80s?  Wasn't very good to Ambush Bug.  He didn't like it at all.  Took a lot of the fun out of being a comic book character and replaced it with unending angst, melodrama, and what's worse...really, really bad writing.

At least, for the most part.  But then it got worse.  Then Zero Hour came and was the last insult to the old-time Ambush Bug.  Yep.fans.  That was it; he couldn't take it anymore!  No more "reboot" Legion, no more endlessly mixed-up characters in the wrong roles...NO!!

Luckily he had stowed the best parts of the DC Universe in a pocket in his suit when that whole Crisis affair was going on.  Then he got a little more between Crisis and the Zero Hour thing.  When he looked again, just like coat hangers, the bits had formed their own little universe.

Even more luckily, he let 'em go...and a new universe formed.  Hopefully, he thought, it would be more successful than Marvel's attempts at a New Universe also in the mid-80s.

Or really, whatever works for you.  That's the explanation we're giving.  If you don't like it...well, humans are one of the best groups of people that can think up loosely convincing things to explain away strangeness.


The setting of Cosmic Muffin more or less revolves around Hyper Metro City, which is the large city that was established in the merging and development of all these universes.

There are different timezones in which other heroes can exist as well, such as the Legion of Super-Heroes and similar heroes from the future.  Fortunately for them (and for their RP lives) they're able to travel back and forth from their time zone inthe thirtieth century to the present with relative ease.

Sometimes other planets or locales will be used, but for the most part Hyper Metro City is the original location.  Naturally it's a huge city, and it has many locales such as a dock, downtown, uptown, parks, suburbs, and things like that.

But there are so many locations involved in Hyper Metro City, including a magical Harry Potter area secluded deep in the mountains behind a mystic veil, and even a vast space area, including the realms of Etheria and Eternia!


Characters allowed are as follows, click for further specifications and details as to special requirements:

- DC Superheroes

- Marvel Superheroes

- anime characters

- science-fiction/fantasy characters (includes sentai/tokusatsu characters, He-Man, and Harry Potter)

Naturally, original characters are wholeheartedly encouraged and welcomed!  Feel free to submit applications to original characters, but let your creative juices flow as you develop them, and really feel free to integrate them into the setting.  Be aware, however, that you will need the permission of any specific characters mentioned in the background if the event greatly impacts them.  For example, you wouldn't need to mention Wonder Woman if the character saw her on TV and was inspired by her exploits, but you would need to mention her if she had taken your character under her tutelage, and you'd need the player's permission for that mention.

And click below to see our restricted/banned list of characters and series that would just not fit in to the MUX's theme.  Keep in mind that nothing is written in stone and, if your application is good enough, we may reconsider.

Restricted/Banned List


Click below for our application and remember to please send it to cmMUX@mailpuppy.com with Application:  (character name) in the subject line.  And please insert the character name where it says (character name), or we'll have to point and laugh at you.

Cosmic Muffin MUX Application


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