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Rules and Acceptable Usage Policy

By signing on to the MUX, you accept and agree to the following.  You will have to take responsibility for your own actions.  If you can't do that, don't sign on.  If you can accept that responsibility, welcome!!


- The god/owner of the MUX has the last say.  Wizards have a good bit of influence, but it should also be noted that a MUX isn't much without players.  If possible, everyone's perspective will be considered.

- Do not harrass other players.  If they tell you to stop, please do so.  If you have a disagreement with someone, try to ignore them.  If they keep on, tell them to stop, and if they don't, report them to a wizard.  If they still refuse to stop bothering you, please, let us know.  Action will be taken.

- Do not ever make RL threats on the MUX.  Our MUX is not the place for your feuds.  If you're going to obsess over someone in a bad way, do it outside of Cosmic Muffin.

- Disruptive behavior may lead to disciplinary action which can include kicking, banning, @toading, and all kinds of other bad stuff.

- Cosmic Muffin is a consent-based MUX, which means that there are no stats or rolls to be made, but combat and other conflicts are resolved by consent.  Do not abuse this system; please use it responsibly.

RP Guidelines

These are more along the lines of suggestions to foster good RP practices.  I find they're pretty useful in thinking about RP situations.

- Don't powergame or "twink".  This means avoiding every hit inexplicably or being far too powerful.  It includes posing something hitting, rather than posing an intention or aim.  You should always pose as, for example, "Wonder Woman throws her magic lasso at the fleeing Cheetah" rather than "Wonder Woman catches the fleeing Cheetah in her magic lasso."

- Don't superknow.  Just because you as the player know that Bruce Wayne is really Batman doesn't mean that your character does.  If you know everyone's secrets and flaunt that fact, nobody's going to want to RP with you.

- RP responsibly.  CM is a consent-based MUX, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to live with consequences.  Don't dance naked into Darkseid's throne room, making fun of him, and expect him not to do something decidedly nasty to you, then try to call "no consent" when he does.  Consent lasts only up to a point.

- Just because it happened that way in the comics doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen the same way here.  Unlike some MU*s, Cosmic Muffin obviously does not closely follow the word-for-word events of the comic books.  There are a few items that must be followed, but for the most part, the future is yours.  This one was mainly to say, don't let yourself get talked into something just because the other person says "it happened that way in the comics," because this isn't.

Idlepurge/Room Purge

Characters will be purged after being idle for 30 days.  That means that if you don't connect on a character for 30 days, he or she will be eliminated from the database.  If the character is a major one, this will be reduced to 14 days unless the staff is notified beforehand of your absence.  The god/owner reserves the right to @chown any areas or programs integral to the MUX or extremely important to it.

If you're not serious about playing a character, please don't apply for him or her.  If you aren't going to use a room very regularly in a roleplay session, please don't build it.  If you clog up the database with a lot of useless things, it's going to make the MUX run slower since I don't have limitless reserves of space on my machine.  Please don't do this.


Naturally, if you let us know you're going on vacation, we will be more understanding.  However, unless your vacation is around 30 days, I don't know if it will have much impact on your character's continued existence, because even I, master of procrastination, have taken two-week vacations before and still managed to come back and play my character afterwards.

Naturally, if you have a crisis occur in your life...and hopefully not one involving two versions of a Monitor...just either send us an email or contact us at the MUX and let us know.  This is only truly important if you're either going to be absent for an extended period of time and you're part of a greater RP (and perhaps play a crucial character whose absence will have to be compensated for), or if you're going to be absent for longer than 30 days.

If you would like someone else to play your character in your absence (or take over your character, in case you don't return) please let us know.  We will do our best to work with you in any way we can.

Character Death

A day at the beachCharacter death is to be avoided if at all possible.  It is only allowed through the approval of a majority of wizards and perhaps even the god/owner as well.  As in the comics of the pre-Crisis time period, there were a good many dramatic deaths...and about as many equally dramatic returns.  I won't say you can't have a character appear to die...that won't be anything out of the ordinary...but if you're going to have a character killed off and stop playing them, please have a darn good reason ready.  If you're going to apply for a character for the sole purpose of them dying...please don't.  It will be more trouble for you than it's worth.

Handing Over a Character

If you're tired of playing a character and wish to pass the torch, so to speak, it's easy to arrange.  Simply email us by using the link to the left, or leave a p #mail on the MUX with your information and who is going to be taking the character now.  We will need an application at least with the personal information and may require an interview.

If you wish to stop playing a character and don't have anyone to hand him or her off to, let us know anyway and we will do our best to find someone if at all possible.  If you don't want to play a character any longer, please at least let us know so that in a worst case scenario, we'll know not to keep hoping for your return if you let him or her idle for weeks at a time. :)


Well, you knew it had to come sooner or later:  the big rules section.  We're not a strict lot, but there have to be some certain rules that you will have to adhere to in order to play on Cosmic Muffin.

- Keep all public actions about at the level of prime-time American TV at the worst.  Mild profanity is tolerable as is some violence and some adult themes.  Most anime situations are acceptable, but some need to be taken to private areas.  When in doubt, ask the other people in the scene what they would prefer.

- You should be over the age of 13 to play in this MUX, or at least intelligent enough to pass for someone over 13.  I wouldn't have this listed here if it weren't such a big to-do with the US government, who apparently think that assigning arbitrary ages is a good way to keep them from getting lynched by lazy, irresponsible parents.   Oh well, anyway, moving on...

- Any bigotry, hatred, or open OOC (out-of-character) intolerance will not be acceptable.  If you display these things, you will be warned once.  On the second time you will be warned more severely and may be kicked.  On the third time you will be asked to leave and your characters will be @toaded.  We reserve the right as well to report your actions to your ISP and, depending on the severity of the actions, suspend access to the MUX at any time.

- We take no responsibility for any actions of anyone connected or resulting from anyone being connected, and we cannot and will not be held liable for any events on the MUX or resulting from being on the MUX. We cannot and will not police you at all times. Act responsibly and within what you know to be appropriate.

- By signing onto the MUX you acknowledge that you may be seeing adult situations and mature things, as well as dealing with mature, adult issues.  This isn't to say that "Cosmic Muffin" is another way of saying "brothel", but know what you're getting into.  While I do emphasize that all heavily adult-oriented RP should be kept in private, there will be some unavoidable adult content.

- By signing onto the MUX you waive any and all rights to any legal action for any reason towards the MUX or any of its administration. All characters are copyright their creator or creators, and no infringement is intended nor should be inferred.  We, the administration, will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any trauma or damages resulting from your connecting.  The responsibility lies with you if you decide to join the MUX.

- I will try to keep the MUX up as much as possible, but crashes, power outages, program errors, and simple bad luck are unavoidable.  Just be patient and bear with me, and everything will find its way eventually.

If you accept all this...congratulations!!  You can make it on Cosmic Muffin. :)


all characters and indicia used on this site are copyright their original creator or creators and/or copyright holders, and no infringement is intended or should be inferred.