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Here are the news files for Cosmic Muffin MUX.  They cover various topics, from our policies to our population!  Please check back regularly for updates.


Any infraction to our rules will be handled depending on the severity of the situation.  The first offense is typically a warning, the second is a more lengthy discussion and possibly temporary kick, and the third will most likely be a more permanent action.

This of course depends on the severity of the infraction and how familiar we are with your own personality and/or the character that you play.  Someone with a good history having an outrageous charge levelled against them may be given the benefit of the doubt until the converse is proven.

In any case, the first and foremost guideline for this procedure is learn to separate IC (in-character) from OOC (out-of-character).  If the two intermingle without a distinction between them, it can lead to much unhappiness.  Just because someone portrays a rude character does not make them a rude person.  Just because someone is nice OOC doesn't mean they're going to be nice IC, and so forth.

Any attempt to hack or otherwise interfere with the MUX or its host machine will be dealt with in the quickest manner possible, with the least tolerance of any offense.  In other words, do not do it.  If you do, you will be reported to your ISP and possibly the appropriate authorities, and your character(s) will be @toaded immediately.  There are other people that enjoy the MUX, so please don't interfere with their enjoyment just because you have a problem.  If you need to talk about something, simply email or page a wizard.


The theme is essentially pre-Crisis DC universe mixed with anime, sci-fi, and Marvel.  More detail about this is found on the Theme page.


Please see the Theme page for examples of acceptable characters, as well as a list of restricted and banned concepts and characters.


Alts, or alternate characters, are characters played by the same player.  Examples of this would be if you received Wonder Woman through application, then later received Swamp Thing as well.  If someone were to ask you, when playing Wonder Woman, who your alts were, you would tell them that your alt is Swamp Thing.  I should note also that it is at your discretion whether or not you reveal your alts, and you should never reveal the alts of another person without his or her permission.

Currently there is no limit per se on alts, but there are these regulations:

- a player may not play more than two characters on the same team unless the team is exceptionally large (ex:  LSH, Justice League, X-Men).  This is because it is extremely difficult in times of action-oriented RP to keep characters separate and also may lead to RP that could be hard to do, such as when one character is kept out of a clandestine operation that the alt is involved with.  Use your own discretion; this may be excepted at times with skilled RPers who demonstrate their ability.

- a player should not have a large number of major and extremely powerful characters.  We leave this to your discretion (and of course we keep track of apps), but for example if someone gets Superman, we hope he's not also going to apply for Dr Fate, Wonder Woman, and the Spectre.  This would also be like someone getting Darkchilde and also wanting Dr Strange, Phoenix, and the Beyonder (who is, incidentally, not up for application!), or someone getting Lina Inverse and also wanting Rezo, Phibrizo, and Xelloss.

- if you take important characters, please play them.  We reserve the right to recycle "major players" if they haven't been played at all in the previous two weeks.  These would be characters that play a major part in a universe, such as Superman and Wonder Woman.  Names which are almost instantly recognized by everyone as being crucial to the setting.


Teams are simple to form; just email or page one of the wizards and ask if you can form a team.  Don't be frivolous though...please wait until you have at least four people that will commit to being in a team.

Some teams are assumed to exist already, such as the X-Men, the Justice League, and the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Certain heroes will be assumed to have gained membership by this point, unless so requested or noted in the application.  For example, we will assume that anyone apping Wonder Woman (our pet example, apparently) will understand that she is a part of the Justice League.  Anyone apping for, say, Cosmic Boy will understand that he is a part of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

If you give a reason for them not being in the team in your background, we won't list them on the Cast page as being a part of that team.  If you don't list any reason for them not to be a part of the team, then they will be listed on the Cast page as part of that team when their entry is updated.  The storyline is yours, but just remember that you should have a good reason for doing what you do.  You wouldn't do something for no reason in RL, so don't make your characters do that on the MUX.


Cosmic Muffin is a consent-based MUX, which means that conflicts are solved by agreement.  To this end, never assume that something hits or that something works; leave it open-ended.  For example, you would say "Wonder Woman throws a punch at the fleeing Cheetah, in the hopes of stopping her" rather than "Wonder Woman punches the fleeing Cheetah and knocks her cold."  And there we go using Wonder Woman as our example again, but oh well.

This also means that if you are involved against your will in a situation, you may "non-consent" out of it.  If a situation insinuates itself upon you without your agreement or interest, you may feel free to leave on grounds of non-consent.  However, if you provoke a situation and cause it to happen (ie, dancing naked into Darkseid's throne room and insulting him while making lewd gestures), you cannot then "non-consent" out of it.  You will have to live with the consequences.

You may always "fade to black" and work out the consequences OOCly, but whether or not they're RPed, they still exist.

Character Death

Character death, however, is to be avoided at CM.  This is pre-Crisis, so it's not heavy on the casualties for the most part, and death is rarely if ever permanent.  If you want to give up your character, please email or page a wizard online and we will arrange it.  It's best if you have someone who can take over your part, but we can always find someone if you just don't want to play the character anymore.

Character death is frowned upon and discouraged, and it is only possible by approval from staff and possibly the owner/god.  There is always an alternative!

Idle Time and Vacation

Idle time in total is 30 days for an average character.  Major characters will be given two weeks of idle time, which means that they have not connected in 14 days for any length of time or interacted with anyone in that time.  Characters that are original or not "major players" will be allowed 30 days of that before they are recycled. 

If you are planning a vacation or simply know you will not be able to connect for a period of time, please let us know.  Even if it isn't for the time required for you to idle out, it would be nice to know in case your fellow RPers get worried.


Contact a wizard by email or page on the MUX to get a Builder bit, which will allow you to build whatever you need.  However, please try to keep any building project as small as possible to conserve space for other things on the database.

For example, the Legion of Super-Heroes regularly go to other planets, but it's rarely the same planet twice in a row.  To this end they could build a room (or perhaps two) and save the descriptions of different planets in a text file.  Then when they visited these other planets, all they would have to do would be to paste in the descriptions.  If they went back to previous planets, they would have the descriptions saved in the text file to use.  In this way, the database isn't clogged up with locations that people aren't using, and consequently there is less lag.

If there are locations that people will regularly use and that are a large part of the landscape (Justice League HQ, STAR Labs), they will of course be a permanent and persistent part of the IC grid.  Locations that are in other cities, or built for the purpose of a TP, should be temporary.


Connection isn't guaranteed, and the MUX may not always be up.  It will be up as often as is possible, however, and downtime will be scheduled if it can be.  If the MUX goes down for an extended unscheduled period of time, please send an email using the link to the left and let someone know.


Last of all, but not least of all, please have fun! :)  That's the purpose of MUXs, and too often people forget that.  Enjoy yourself!!


all characters and indicia used on this site are copyright their original creator or creators and/or copyright holders, and no infringement is intended or should be inferred.