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The Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of my favorite titles from the past (not the present, sadly) and so I have developed special rules and a special page, just for its inclusion at this MUX.  As many MUXs, even DC-based ones, do not include the Legion heroes, I felt it essential that this one would, and at their pinnacle.

The setting is pre-Crisis, which means that Superboy still exists without any continuity catches.  This doesn't necessarily wipe out the post-Crisis Legionnaires like Kono, Kent Shakespeare, and various others though; it just requires that their stories be altered somewhat to adapt to the pre-Crisis setting, which would not be overly difficult.  Also, as stated in the general DC rules for the MUX, all characters are assumed to be alive.  You can figure out the reasoning later, but if you want to play a character you know to be deceased, you can either choose to play them as never having died or having returned from the great beyond.  The choice is yours!


For MUX purposes, the Legion is assumed to have already been formed when the three founding members (Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy) saved the life of wealthy philanthropist RJ Brande.  At this point in the Legion's history, it has received governmental recognition and adopted a slightly adapted constitution (as outlined below).  The Legion of Substitute Heroes also exists, as a backup to the Legion proper, and the Legion Academy has been established, to train potential new Legionnaires for membership.

The Fatal Five and the Legion of Super-Villains have both formed by this point, and the Legion has come up against the Time Trapper as well.  This also means that necessarily the Legion has stopped the Sun-Eater and subsequently halted World War VII, although not necessarily with any sacrifice of a feature Legionnaire.  No member of the Legion has ever married or consented to a romantic bond at this point.  The Legion has discarded the old-fashioned flight belts in favor of the more practical and compact flight rings.

It is reasonable to assume that most of the events of the early Legion have by now occurred, although it is largely up to the applicants as to what they wish to include.  The major events as listed above should remain in continuity though, for game purposes.

Legion Constitution

The Legion's constitution is also somewhat different for MUX purposes.  As there will be character interaction between the time periods and also new character types will be involved in RP that could not appear in the series, there must be new guidelines to address these issues.

- More than two members who possess the same powers will be avoided if at all possible.  Two members are to be the most in the Legion at any one time with the same powers.  (example:  Lightning Lad and Lass.)

- To further clarify the rule against duplicate powers, more than two Legionnaires at one time cannot have the exact same power in the exact same way.  If Superboy were a member of the Legion at one time and Laurel Kent applied, she would not be turned down because of her power of invulnerability alone.  Since nobody else on the Legion has solely invulnerability as their power, she would be unique.

- Any member of the Legion may be admitted with the consent of any member of good standing at the discretion of the Legion itself.  They Mysa gazes into her globemay have to submit to testing beforehand, unless it is determined that such testing would prove irrelevant or unnecessary.  (example:  Princess Projectra as Sensor Girl.)

- Members of the Legion are expected to find an alternative to killing even their worst enemies, and to do so for any reason other than self-defense will be punishable by expulsion from the Legion.  There may be exceptions, in the case of royal privilege or other cultural tradition, but it is frowned upon.  (example:  Star Boy's accidental self-defence slaying that initially ended in his temporary expulsion; Projectra's execution of Nemesis Kid.)

- Depending on the severity of the offense, betrayal of the Legion may lead to expulsion.  If the circumstances are special, however, clemency may be granted depending on the final decision of the group as a whole.  (example:  Colossal Boy.)

- Members who bond romantically are encouraged to resign in order to pursue their lives outside of the Legion.  Such situations may produce undesirable conflicting loyalties or conflicting priorities, which may in turn endanger not only the Legion, but innocent people.  (example:  Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, who are NOT MARRIED on this MUX.)

- Members seriously injured or handicapped through battle are encouraged to take Reservist status in order to recover.  It may be required in some cases, although in others quicker recovery is possible.  (example:  Duo Damsel.)

- Legion tryouts may still be held at the Legion's discretion, but the bulk of future Legionnaires should come from the Academy.  Exemptions may be made as noted previously in the constitution, and for performance above and beyond reasonable actions.  The UP reserves the right to suggest and encourage their own candidates if it is deemed necessary.  (example:  White Witch.)

- Legionnaires are free at any time to resign, for any reason or none at all.  An inquiry may be called into their activities, but the member will be granted resignation privileges before such an inquiry is called.  (example:  Dream Girl.)

- Members of the Legion are duly empowered representatives of the United Planets and may act as ambassadors or agents of the law, and are to uphold the standards of the UP as well as the Legion's constitution wherever possible.  They can make arrests and may represent, at their discretion, the full legal authority of the UP.  Conversely, Legionnaires are given special privileges when on-trial and are first tried by the Legion itself, which is afforded special powers and privileges.  If the case is severe enough, the case may be handed over to the UP.

- The Legion of Substitute Heroes is also empowered to uphold the laws of the UP in the other Legion's stead, should the need arise.  They are more or less the 'Academy Team' and are not to be called upon and put in danger unless the occasion is truly critical.

- Time-travelling members of the Legion will be placed on Reservist status by default, as most such members are not available at all times to respond to summons.  (example:  Lana Lang.)

These are just the most major of rules and regulations existing for the Legion world, but I must point out a few other things that would be understood by the society at the time and so unnecessary to mention in the by-laws.

- The United Planets does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, preference, or creed.

- Capital punishment has been abolished for centuries.

- The use of physically-altering drugs is discouraged, although any member will not be punished for using such substances as proand and profem to assume a form they feel more appropriate.  Psychological counselling may be arranged by request for such individuals if it causes them such distress.  (For those unaware, proand is a drug who transforms the user into a male, profem transforms the user into a female; both drugs are dependent on a regular level of the drug in the bloodstream, and so they both cause a necessary dependency and great discomfort and reversion when detoxifying after stopping usage.)

- The use of addictive, controlled substances is discouraged and may cause legal action or an inquiry.

- The leader of Earth is a President elected by a popular vote; voting is extremely simple and handled by computer.

Special Rules and Regulations

The following are some special rules and regulations I have developed for potential Legion applicants.  I know it's a lot to read, but I just want to make sure everything is clear in applying for a Legion character.  There isn't much more...honest!

- Certain characters such as Mordru, the Time Trapper, Darkseid, and others like them are not available at this time for application and will most likely only be used in TP purposes.  The only exception I can immediately think of is Mordru, and that would only be if the application was truly amazing.

- Shvaughn Erin is really Sean Erin on profem.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  The explanation was much too logical for there to be any other.  It is of course your decision if he continues taking the profem indefinitely or if he opts for honesty in who he is, but anyone applying for him as Shvaughn must make it clear that they understand this, and include it in his background.

- Laurel Kent can be played as a genuine Kryptonian rather than the admittedly pathetic retcon done post-Crisis.  Also, Laurel Gand might need to be applied for as Supergirl outright.

- More minor villains such as Legion of Super-Villains and Fatal Five members may be applied for freely, and are encouraged in fact to apply.  However, it might be in your best interests to bring a friend or two for support.

- My preference is for future-based characters rather than time-travelling ones, and indeed ones based in the present may only achieve reservist status unless they decide to relocate in the future or are stranded there, both of which may potentially be remedied at some future point, so please be aware of this.

- Characters created after the "reboot" at Zero Hour will be heavily scrutinized and are extremely unlikely to be approved.  Certain characters from the Legionnaires title before Zero Hour stand a better chance, but the best chance is to be had by classic Legion members.  Also keep in mind the pre-Crisis setting and the adaptations that will have to be made.

- Gemworld and Zerox are effectively linked.  Mysa Nal, as the White Witch, can potentially harness the power of Amethyst, who still exists.  This is mainly in extenuating circumstances, though, and Mysa does not constantly channel Amethyst like Amy Winston did.

- Descendants of the popular present heroes may be played, such as the Tornado Twins and the like; extremely long-lived characters such as Wonder Woman may be played, and immortal characters such as Madame Xanadu may also feature in the setting, as may ones such as Nabu/Dr Fate.

- Players, you may also wish to be aware that some of the things taken for granted in the modern world may be remembered as quaint idiosyncrasies of an ancient culture or completely flip-flopped.  As society tends to act in cycles, however, and tends to be based on a fundamental premise, for the most part things will remain stable at least.  While I dearly love the early Legion, some of the things assumed to be consistent in it don't seem particularly futuristic.  Be aware that by this time things are assumed to be very socially accepting and diverse.

And that's about it for now!  If you'd still like to apply for Legion membership, please return to the Theme Page and fill out the application!!


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