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DC Superheroes

At Cosmic Muffin MUX, DC Superheroes must come from a certain point in time.  I know it might seem overly picky, but what can I say?  It's my favorite point in DC history.  There are plenty of places that deal mainly with Post-Crisis/Post-Zero Hour continuity, so it's not like you don't have anywhere else to enjoy that theme. :)

Here are the requirements.  Keep in mind that in certain cases exceptions can be made, and examples are listed after the requirements.  Also, if you're applying for a villain, just change the wording from "hero" to "villain"!

- Superheroes existing both pre- and post- Crisis must be predominantly pre-Crisis versions.  There will be few exceptions to this.  While it is true you will be able to customize your character and have extensive creative leeway, please keep in mind the original intent of the character and stay away from post-Crisis retcons if at all possible.  (example:  Donna Troy is and will always be Wonder Girl because her life was saved by Wonder Woman and she became her protege.)

- All major characters are more or less assumed to be Earth-1 versions.  The major positions must be filled before any alternate-Earth versions will be considered.

- Superheroes existing post-Crisis only may be required to adapt their backgrounds to allow for greater compatibility with pre-Crisis heroes.

- Hero-altering events that occurred post-Crisis or during the Crisis have not happened.  (example:  Supergirl is still Kara Zor-El, and Barbara Gordon is still semi-active as Batgirl.)

- All heroes are presumed to be alive as per setting.  If the characters died before the Crisis, they were only presumed dead.  You can leave the end of your background open and the character can return, then think up a reason later, or you can continue to play them as if they never died.  It worked for DC!  (example:  Kathy Kane as Batwoman.)

- Click here for Legion of Super-Heroes special details:

Legion of Super-Heroes page

- Characters with magic powers don't have to list every single spell they have in their arsenal.  A brief listing of commonly-used spells is sufficient, and their casting methods.  Indeed, with characters such as Dr Fate, it may be impossible to make a comprehensive list without spending literally thousands of dollars in research.  (example:  A person apping Zatanna would want to mention that she speaks a spell backwards in order to cast it.)

- The origin of teams, if assumed to have already been formed, will tend to pre-Crisis origins rather than post-Crisis.  (example:  Wonder Woman, and not Black Canary, was the sole female founding member of the Justice League.)

- Comedic and/or incidental characters are acceptable as long as it's kept in mind that their purpose is not to hugely imbalance the power in the game.  Remember that most of these characters are wildly overpowered or have a "deus ex machina" type of power with which they wreak cosmic havoc.  (example:  Elvira, Captain Carrot.)

- Godlike cosmic forces cannot be applied at this time unless it is understood they will never, ever enter combat.  (example:  Death, Delirium.)

- Characters with reality-altering powers will be closely scrutinized.  (example:  Shade the Changing Man.)

That's it for now!  If you're still interested, please return to the Theme page and fill out an application!  We look forward to seeing you!!


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