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Science Fiction/Fantasy Characters

Science-fiction characters are supported at Cosmic Muffin MUX, but there are a few guidelines.  Naturally we'd love to have you as your favorite character!  Just take a look at the guidelines below and be sure to keep them in mind.

- Time Lords can and will have TARDIS units, but outside of TPs it is very unlikely that any tampering with time will occur other than travelling to the future setting established for the Legion of Super-Heroes characters.  Consider settling down with a UNIT-like organization (STAR Labs, WHO, etc.) in the manner of the third Doctor.  Naturally you're welcome to reserve a room to be redesced for alien settings in minor RPs or small TPs.

- Star Trek characters and ships will be relegated entirely to the future setting and may need to be adapted for the United Planets.  The UP takes the place of the Federation in the history of Star Trek, giving the characters a slightly different past and possibly different motivations, as well as different regulations.

- Sentai teams should be based in appropriate settings.  For example, Timeranger could conceivably be based in either future or present setting (or both), but Megaranger would undoubtedly be based in the present.

- If you take the characters of John Steed and Mrs Peel, Mrs Gale, or Ms King, please be aware that you may have to avoid calling yourselves "The Avengers" as the name will be reserved by the Marvel heroes team, assumed to be in existence.

- He-Man and She-Ra characters have Etheria and Eternia to live on and are in space in the future zone.

- Harry Potter characters are in the present, in a secret location that will be revealed to applicants!

That's it for now!  If you're still interested, please return to the Theme page and fill out an application!  We look forward to seeing you!!


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