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Restricted/Banned List

Here at Cosmic Muffin, there isn't much that's too out-of-the-question since after all Ambush Bug is responsible for the entire universe existing.  However, we have to have some standards or else everyone's gonna try and play Galactus or something.

Restricted Characters are ones that will have their applications carefully looked over and put in heavy scrutiny.  There are characters that may not be specifically listed on this page which might fall into this category, as the list is updated constantly.

Banned Characters are ones that are not available for players to portray at this time.  Most of these characters will only be interacting with the others through TPs or the like and will be RPed by a gamemaster or wizard.

Restricted Characters

- overly powerful characters on a cosmic scale.

- incredibly powerful magic-users.

examples of this are:

Rachel Summers (Phoenix II), Nova, Silver Surfer, any herald of Galactus, the Spectre, Dr Fate, Dr Strange, most Lords of Order or Chaos, Darkseid, Lina Inverse, Saiyajin, Dark Schneider, Gold Saints.

Banned Characters

- godlike characters.

- characters too malignant or eccentric to interact with any other characters except in a very limited fashion.

examples of this are:

Darkseid, Galactus, Phantom Stranger, Suzaku, the Q, the Daleks, Shabranigdo, Shito other than Nagisa Kaworu, the Beyonder, the Cybermen, major sentai/tokusatsu villains.

Please be sure to check back regularly, as this list will be updated as issues present themselves!


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