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Marvel Superheroes

At Cosmic Muffin MUX, Marvel Superheroes must come from a certain point in time.  I know it might seem overly picky, but what can I say?  It's my favorite point in Marvel history.  There are plenty of places that deal mainly with more modern continuity, so it's not like you don't have anywhere else to enjoy that theme. :)

Here are the requirements.  Keep in mind that in certain cases exceptions can be made, and examples are listed after the requirements.  Also, if you're applying for a villain, just change the wording from "hero" to "villain"!

- X-characters must be from before Fall of the Mutants.  There are few exceptions, such as Excalibur, who can be at levels from post-Fall, post-Inferno.  Be aware that it won't be difficult to think up reasons why they split from the main X-group, since at that point the X-Men were in the process of extensive change that may have alienated them.

- All heroes are assumed to be alive.  You can cover as much of the history as you want and leave it open-ended, then have the character appear and think up a reason later, or you can simply play them as if they never died.  Hey, it worked for Marvel more than once!

- Histories may only include things that were published before the cutoff period.  Anything afterwards (such as the years-later "New Mutants" joke-of-a-limited-series) is not to be considered in the background, nor will it be accepted.

- No concepts after the cutoff period will be allowed unless they occur naturally during a TP and are approved.  With some things, it will not happen.  (example:  Legacy Virus.)

- Characters created after the cutoff point may be considered as long as their backgrounds can be altered so as not to contradict pre-cutoff continuity.

- Characters with magic powers don't have to list every single spell they have in their arsenal.  A brief listing of commonly-used spells is sufficient, and their casting methods.  Indeed, with characters such as Dr Strange, it may be impossible to make a comprehensive list without spending literally thousands of dollars in research.  (example:  A person apping Zatanna would want to mention that she speaks a spell backwards in order to cast it.)

- Ultra-cosmic characters will not be accepted (example:  Galactus), but less universal cosmic characters (example:  Phoenix II) will be allowed.  However, it's understood that anyone playing someone such as, say, Rachel Summers will play her responsibly or face the consequences, which in this universe may include entities such as the Spectre investigating the cosmic disturbances and doling out cosmic Wrath.

- In certain circumstances, characters must be applied from before Mutant Massacre.  This includes Morlocks (obviously), Warren Worthington/Angel, and certain others whose lives were seriously impacted by it.

That's it for now!  If you're still interested, please return to the Theme page and fill out an application!  We look forward to seeing you!!


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