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Here it is -- The Cosmic Muffin MUCK Application!
*== Please copy and paste this into your email program, and send it to ==*
Please fill this out as best you can. If certain fields do not apply to your character, you need not fill them in.

~Personal Information~
Your Name:
Email Address:

~Character Information~
Real Name:
Code Name (if any):

-Character Type:
() anime
() DC
() Marvel
() sci-fi/fantasy
() other

-Is your character an original character?

-Please list your character's powers, if any. This includes magical knowledge or abilities, or even inexplicable abilities.

-Please list your character's skills, if any. These are learned abilities that are usually honed by practice.

-Please list your character's resources, if any. This includes money, personal contacts, or valuable possessions.

-Please list your character's technology, if any. This includes gadgets, machines, or magical objects that can be used.

-Please list your character's flaws, weaknesses, or limitations.

-Please describe your character's personality, including the way your character interacts with others.

-Please give the history of your character. There is no minimum length, but please at least list the most major influential events in the character's life. Be as detailed as you think would be reasonable.

-Of all the times your character has appeared, what is your favorite and why?

-Of all the times your character has appeared, what is your least favorite and why?

-If you had to choose a theme song for your character, what would you choose and why?

-Which setting would you think most appropriate for your character? Past, Present, or Future?

By submitting this application, you agree to abide by the rules of the MUCK and its Acceptable Use Policy. Please place an X inside the following brackets to indicate your understanding of and agreement: ()


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