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Anime Characters

Naturally, since we're open to the vast and incredible world of anime characters, there have to be at least a few guidelines.  Don't worry though...we're not too strict on our anime people.  Just make sure that you roleplay sensibly and responsibly (and read the rules page!) and you'll do fine.

- Characters from medieval/fantasy series may need to be adjusted slightly for the present.  If you're applying for Lina Inverse, please be aware that it might not be the best thing in the world to go Dragon Slaving around Hyper Metro City, because the Spectre will get ticked off, Superman will get ticked off, and undoubtedly the Justice League, the Titans, the Outsiders, the Avengers, the X-Men, and probably others will be after you in a flash for the destruction you've caused.  Use your better judgement and discretion.

- Additionally, be aware that you may reserve a room (or a small group of rooms) for private TP-related roleplay, and so you need not necessarily apply for present/"reincarnated" characters (example:  Fushigi Yuugi seishi), but be aware also that you will need other characters for RP unless a way opens through RP to enter the "real world".  In the Fushigi Yuugi example, you could RP the world in the book, but only a miko would be able to travel back and forth with any regularity unless a reason were developed through RP.  It is possible though, and might be an interesting idea to have the seishi for example step through to Hyper Metro with these ideas and see what you come up with!  Anything is possible through good RP!

- Characters with magic powers don't have to list every single spell they have in their arsenal.  A brief listing of commonly-used spells is sufficient, and their casting methods.  Indeed, with characters such as Lina Inverse, it may be impossible to make a comprehensive list without spending literally thousands of dollars in research.  (example:  A person apping Sylphiel would want to mention that she casts mainly healing/protection magic, and has only ever been seen competently casting one offensive spell.)

- If you're applying for a character with a mech, you don't have to abandon the mech, but please be aware that you may come up against people that can take on a mech single-handedly.  Also make sure that you keep game balance in mind when you're going up against others or might provoke them to action against you.  (example:  Wonder Woman versus Psycho Gundam mk II.)

- In a kind of corollary to the last guideline, you might want to assume or establish a group that your pilot or fighter/specialist can associate with.  Certain series might wish to locate themselves in the future setting established for the Legion of Super-Heroes characters, while others may wish to remain in the present.  (example:  UN Spacy, Nergal, NERV.)

- Saiyajins, if applied for, keep in mind the same things as stated before:  massive destruction will be met with teams, most likely, and it's to be discouraged.  Also, I want to say that Saiyajins for the most part will be on a Superman or Mon-El level of power.

- Characters with the ultimate power over everything probably should be avoided.  Somewhat more 'down to earth' characters such as Belldandy and the Ah!  Megamisama personalities are for the most part acceptable, while certain others are not outside of TP purposes.

That's it for now!  If you're still interested, please return to the Theme page and fill out an application!  We look forward to seeing you!!


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